Sunday, January 30, 2011

Luv is in the air!

'Ornaments of the eternal flame'

Just in time for Valentine's day! It's what seemed to make sense when I secured the February slot at First Cup Coffee House to show my art. After all, Luv is in the air! As I was hanging today, my friend remarked that she thought my stuff looked very "Rock & Roll" and I can't honestly think of a higher compliment! I must be on the right track, it feels like the natural progression from my Calaveras to now take on Sacred Hearts; another form of Mexican Folk Art for me to tweak and twist into my own funky style. I still love the rustic nature of ruddy old plywood and now I have discovered a new thrill: working with METAL! Tin cans, pie tins, lunch boxes, cookie canisters, you name it, I'm cutting it up! I've got the wounds to prove it, (bleeding for art somehow doesn't hurt as much). I'm having a lot of fun working with new tools and I've got a lot of new ideas on the burner. There's something about the combination of wood and paint and metal that really clicks for me. I can't really explain the attraction or why I feel compelled to craft 3-dimensional assemblages when I have so many 'drawings' in my head. It's funny for an 'Illustration major' to be so resistant to drawing! All I can say is that this is where I am now, and what is coming out. I'm just grateful (and a bit relieved) that I managed to get something out. . . and done. . . and up on a wall -in public!
Check it out if you're in the neighborhood:

First Cup
4103 SE Woodstock Blvd. PDX
you can view them here:

"Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing." -Marc Chagall


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