Friday, January 25, 2013

Drunk Love

A new series of Mexican Folk-art inspired Valentines for your wall.
Made with Vintage beer cans.

These will be FOR SALE at The Buckman Art Show & Sell 2013!
Feb. 1st and 2nd

Each heart is unique! Hand cut with a jigsaw from 3/4" plywood, sanded and painted. Each tin flame is drawn freehand and carefully cut with snips and sanded. Each can is hand cut, sanded and nailed to the front. Ready to hang.
It's a labor of LOVE.

View the whole collection at Bonewerx on Facebook

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       Friday, Feb 1st          5pm – 9pm   $5 admission
(kids 4 and under free)    

Saturday, Feb 2nd    10am – 5pm  $2 donation

All tickets sales go to support teachers.

Buckman Elementary
320 SE 16th Avenue 
(SE Pine and SE Stark)

Thirty percent of art sales proceeds benefits the Buckman PTA
and helps to support our innovative, award-winning arts-integrated academic programs at Buckman.

(Tip: Get there early on Friday to get your pick of the very best pieces!)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Here's a little collection of my 'Best' of 2012

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dream catcher

Well I don't have any new art to post for the new year so I'm sharing an old photo of me from a land far, far away Tassajara, I think. My Gramma Lulu practiced art and Buddhism there and I have fond memories of taking road trips in the VW bus into the mountains to visit her. I just had another birthday (46!) which always leaves me very sentimental. It seems the older I get the more I long for the simplicity of youth, when my only responsibilities consisted of dreaming, playing, listening and loving. This year (and forever after) I resolve to honor those same responsibilities with a renewed passion! It's easy to forget to dream and play when there are so many other people and things I am responsible for now, but I will try to lighten up and not be so darn serious all the time! I'm sure I've said that before.

I have a vision in my head of the kind of art I want to make. I can only see what it feels like. It feels brave and spontaneous. Experimental and fluid and maybe even frenzied. This art lives inside me like a trapped dream, pounding on my chest to get out. But the control freak that I have become won't let it, too afraid it won't be cool enough, terrified that it will suck, people won't like it, no one will want it. So I work slow and carefully and over-think everything. I need to take more chances! I need to pick up the pace! I have 2 upcoming shows to prepare for, a whole new body of work must be created! Sheesh that's daunting.

But before I go forward, I need to look back over the year so I can wrap it up and be done with it. The best way to sum up 2012 is to say "IT ROCKED!"  It began with a commitment to scale back my volunteer involvement at school -which allowed me to focus ALL of my energy on my art. It was a big step to start saying "No" but then, something really cool started happening  . . . things started coming together to the point where I can now gleefully say I am living the dream of what I always wanted to be. Art is my job, (for now). I have what I asked for -except for the $ -we still need that part!

I have to say that the biggest bonus to choosing the life of an artist is all the amazing people I have met. I'm pretty sure I doubled my social circle in the last year alone. The art community in Portland is so supportive and awesome, it feels really good to be a part of it! Yay for new meaningful connections!!

2012 Exhibitions:

December 2012, 'Big 300'  People’s Art of Portland,  PDX - BIG Group Show

December 2012, 'New Brow',  Portland Center for Performing Arts,  PDX - Group Show

November 2012, 'Dia de los Muertos',  Guardino Gallery,  PDX - Group Show

November 2012, Siren Nation Craft Fair

November 2012, ' I think, therefore I am',  Goodfoot,  PDX - Group Show

November 2012, 'Send in the Clowns'  Good: a Gallery,  PDX - Group Show

October 2012, 'Skull Party',  Arleta Library Cafe,  PDX - Duo Show  w/Adam Charles Ross

October 2012, 'Freak Show', First Cup Coffee House,  PDX - Trio Show

October 2012, '88 Strong',  Goodfoot,  PDX - Group Show

September 2012, 'Food cArt Show',  Screaming Sky Gallery,  PDX - Small Group Show

August 2012, 'Sci-Fi Show',  People’s Art of Portland,  PDX - Group Show

July 2012, 'BEER Show',  Amnesia Brewing,  PDX - Duo Show  w/Chris Haberman

July 2012, 'Edge Show',  Launchpad Gallery,  PDX - Group Show

June 2012, 'Quadrality Show',  Bar Carlo,  PDX - Quad Show

May 2012, 'Out of the Box II',  People’s Art of Portland,   PDX - Group Show

May 2012, 'May Day Show',  Space Monkey,  PDX - Group Show

April 2012, 'Simply Red II',  Mark Woolley Gallery,  PDX - Group Show

April 2012, 'Year of The Dragon Show',  Lunar Boy Gallery,  Astoria, OR - Group Show

April 2012, 'Diva Show',  Limelight,  PDX - Solo Show

March 2012, '4-click Bic Show',  Bar Carlo,  PDX - Group Show

March 2012, 'Skateboard Show',  Space Monkey,  PDX - Group Show

February 2012, 'For The Love of PDX'  People’s Art of Portland,   PDX - Group Show

February 2012, 'Double A II',  Space Monkey,  PDX - Duo Show  w/Aaron Goodrich

January 2012, 'Surreal Salon',  Baton Rouge Center for Contemporary Art, Baton Rouge, LA - Group 

I'm not sure where I'm headed in 2013, but I hope to keep the momentum going!

Do or Die!