Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kind of Blue

 a disappointment but not a set-back

Last night I discovered that I did not make the cut to participate in this year's LALUZAPALOOZA Show. Needless to say, I am crushed, but I do not feel defeated. 8,999 other artists submitted work for the show -of which only 120 were selected. Nothing will stop me from trying again next year. I will not consider this a set-back. I do not view this rejection as a value judgment, in fact, it's just the spur I needed to thrust me into overdrive. . .and PUSH me higher, farther, faster! I am compelled to prove who I am and what I am capable of. The path is finally coming into view. The momentum is building, I can literally feel the ball rolling. . . there is no turning back.

This morning, looking for an image for this post, I reached for my old Thesis Journal from Art School (1998) - which I don't think I've touched since then. When I opened it, this is what I found on the first page. The words couldn't ring more true for me at this moment as I struggle to navigate the course ahead. I just added the hourglass to emphasize my determination to make every minute count!

  “When you’re creating your own shit, man, even the sky ain’t the limit.”
Miles Davis

Click HERE to view a few selected pages from the old journal of my senior project.
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