Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hoodoo you think you are?

I spent the last weekend in January in Santa Fe, a cultural hotbed of inspiration! The whole scene is so different there. The landscape is unlike anything in the Northwest, I feel like I have been to another planet and back. I got to explore a place called Tent Rocks, where towering Hoodoos rose above us like the steeples of an ancient fairyland. It was magical! I also got to visit the Museum of International Folk Art -which made my head spin! It's too soon to tell what my 'style' is yet, but I do know that the realm of Folk Art feels to me like a circus I want to join and perform in! I want to travel more. . . learn more. . . see more. . . do more!

The art is coming. . . it's brewing. My head is bubbling over with images I want to create! The studio is coming together. I painted the walls and bought the shelves. Soon I will have a fully functional space of my own. I'm ready.

To see pix of my visit to Santa Fe: