Friday, January 7, 2011

Chain of Events

I went to art school because I wanted to be on the cover of Rolling Stone. Well, not really me, but my art. I dreamed of doing album covers and rock posters. I wanted to illustrate the music that drives me. . . that was the dream. Then Life happened, I got married then took a 1000 mile pilgrimage from SE France to NW Spain, then came back, bought a house and got a job to pay the mortgage. Then Motherhood happened and I worked part time at night, raising my boy by day until I got laid off 2 years ago. Now Art is happening. . . again.

A couple of years ago, el Hueso gave me the Art of Modern Rock for my birthday. I could feel the fire burning in my belly again. I drooled over the pages, marking my favorites, taking note of the artists that inspire me.

A month ago, a couple of friends invited me to go to the Goodfoot to see the Art of Musical Maintenance show. The entire place was plastered with righteous rock radness! Tempted by the dizzying display of posters, I didn't buy anything, wanting to wait for one from a show I'd been to, something that would mean more to me.

On New Years day, I went to see X at the Roseland. The man and I don't go out much anymore, but it was still technically my Birthday week so I talked him into it. I knew it would be too good a show to miss! I had never seen them play before, but the show took me back to a time and place that I thought I might have lost forever.

There was a poster for sale at the show. I could barely make it out in the dim light. It looked like it might be a Gary Houston! I didn't buy it then but hunted for it later the next day. I found it on the Voodoo Catbox website and called the studio. Gary answered the phone and gave me directions to come on over!! I was so excited that I called the only person who I thought might be as thrilled as me to see the studio and meet Gary. Turns out my buddy has a collection of GH posters and is a huge fan!

Today, we took a field trip to the Voodoo Catbox studio under the St. John's Bridge. Hell Yessss!

Today was an AWESOME day!

Gary Houston wrapping up my X poster


  1. It was incredibly cool to get to meet a legendary artist that I have admired for some time and to get to see where and how he works! Not to mention the rad posters I got (I got a Patti Smith too).