Sunday, July 1, 2012

On the Edge. . . of balance.

Setu Bandhasana
The bridge between chaos and calm.

Last weekend, I took a much needed break and escaped into Eastern Oregon with my family for our First Road Trip of Summer. It seems lately that it is never the right time for anything and that I am always supposed to be doing (working on) something else, but we split anyway in search of a bit of Bone-bonding. We headed out to explore the 3 units of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument -which was rugged, remote and wildly scenic in unexpected ways. The weather was ominous with thunderstorms and driving rain at times -which only added to our adventure, seemed to keep other tourists away and intensified the colors of the landscape. We fell in love with Oregon in a whole new way and had way more fun than any of us were planning on. 

The experience of the weekend restored a sense of calm in my heart and I started to get that balanced feeling that I only really feel when I am in the raw, peaceful presence of nature. I wish I could keep it with me but it always seems to fade when the other reality sets back in.

Back home, I started work on a new piece for the Last Group Show at Launchpad Gallery. The theme of the show is about being on the Edge or cusp of something and daring to venture beyond. I felt a pull to be a part of this show and took a break from 'Beer art' to make something for it. I thought it would be fun to try to get a little abstract - and attempt to let the color, shapes and textures do the talking. I'm not sure if anyone else will pick up on what I am trying to express, or even like it, but I feel good about pushing myself into a looser, less defined realm.

'Setu Bandhasana' is the Sanskrit name for bridge pose which opens the chest and promotes relaxation while reducing stress. Though not depicted accurately, this was my inspiration.

The Edge opens on First Friday, 7/5 at 6pm. I am excited to have several other Rad friends in this show as well, including the ever inspiring Jenssens:

 View all the art in the show here:

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