Thursday, June 21, 2012

Obey the Hop God

Though I enjoy a good fru-fru drink to mix things up and wine has its moments, BEER is my old stand by. I'm just that kind of gal. I think it runs in my family, I remember going to visit my grandma years ago and finding her refrigerator empty save for a few cans of beer! And my mom made beer, waaay before it became trendy (early 80s) and we used the spent grain from Anchor brewing as compost in our garden when I was growing up. Back in the early 90s, my boyfriend (now husband) made beer in his Yosemite dorm room with fresh Sierra snow melt! I even brewed a batch all by myself to celebrate his return from his ride across the country on the TransAmerica.  We've had hops growing in our yard for almost 10 years and I have always been attracted to the chartreuse flowering vine. I've been wanting to make Beer art for a long time but could never really peak anyone's interest with my grainy ideas, until . . . C. Haberman told me that he curates the space at Amnesia Brewing and had an open slot in July. "July is Craft Beer Month", I said, "Let's do a Beer Show!" and here we are.

Stay tuned for more details about the show coming soon!

Meanwhile, today was a GOOD day. Moved the studio into the backyard, the boy got a quality stretch of time with his best bud and I made some art. I am thanking the universe for working with me for a change.  Hallelujah!

Out of the Bone Cave - into the sweet open air!

“Beer is the reason I get up every afternoon.” — Anonymous


  1. I appreciate what you are creating and look forward to your fruits! Keep on and Q, C and I will bring more caps by if that will help? Thanks again for sharing your beautiful backyard.

  2. Thanks Tom, I won't say no to more caps, and you are always welcome in my backyard!