Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Escape to Cloud Mountain

Whether you are an unassuming horny toad scampering across the parched Arizona heat-scape, or fun loving bathers on holiday at the community pool, we are ALL potential prey for the green-eyed feline phantom who sniffs out our weakness for blind bliss and answers only to the call of the wild. Do not become unhinged in that world between fear and false security. . . ESCAPE to Cloud Mountain, where the mystical vapors will fog your mind with visions of tangerine dahlias softly spinning through the air.

(Inspired by recent world events)

Love it? Or Hate it?

I'm not sure how this happened. . . but it did.

I thought this one might be done, until I saw THIS!

How do I know when to stop?


  1. Love it! I really want to see this in person. Love the depth you added and the orange color. I am anxious to see this in person at First Cup!