Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2014 ReCap

2014 was a BUSY year full of lots of small works for Group Shows.
The above are some of my favorites.
2015 will be very different.
My goal is NOT to spread myself so thin
and instead, focus my energy on creating a body of work
for a solo show in late August at Nebraska Gallery.

My friend Teresa Bergen wrote a great piece on Art focused
Goal setting. Check it out here:

 Portland Artists Set Goals, Hopes and Dreams for 2015

Here is a look back at what I did in 2014:
am I nuts?!

 JAN/FEB  People's Art: People of People's Show

FEBRUARY  Bluemonk:  Valentine's Show

FEBRUARY  Splendoporium:  Pink Show

FEB/MAR  People's Art:  Love of Portland Show

FEB/MAR  Guardino Gallery:  Heart of The Matter Show

APRIL  Goodfoot: 88 Strong

MAY  ArtDeckCo.  Artists on Board (Largest Skateboard Show on Earth!)

JUNE  First Cup Coffee House:  Dragon boat Show

JULY  Scandals: Mann/Bone Show!

AUGUST  Hollywood Beverage: BoneWerx Solo Show

SEPTEMBER  Art Carts on Hawthorne 

SEPTEMBER  Scattered by The Wind - Prayer Flag Project

SEPT/OCT  People's Art:  ICON Show

SEPT/OCT  Guardino Gallery:  Day of The Dead Show

OCTOBER  Glyph Cafe and Art Space:  Entitled Group Show

OCTOBER  Bar Carlo:  Ball point pen Show

OCT/NOV  People's Art: Things that go BUMP in the Night

NOVEMBER  Siren Nation Craft Sale

NOVEMBER  Splendoproium: Bling Show 

NOV/DEC  Guardino Gallery: Little Things Show

NOV/DEC  Nebraska Gallery: Bruce Springsteen Show

Cheers to a New Year
and another chance  to figure out what the Hell I'm doing.


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