Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Falling Star

"Falling Star"
12 x 26 mixed-media collage on wood with vintage tin, leather, safety pins and assorted found objects -including my old switchblade earring from the early 80s
and torn out pages from the program of the No Principals Tour

Created for the Siren Nation Art Show: "Then and Now"

Inspired by a recent trip down memory lane as I revisited my old stomping grounds to see Blondie in concert for the first time with my old high school partner in crime.

Also inspired by the heartache of broken friendships, unsettling childhood memories, Aging, Dreaming and Clinging to the threads of who we once were.

We are all just tiny bits of dust falling through life, burning up. Just a short-lived trail of light.
Falling Stars

As I began to sketch out my idea for this piece, I ended up writing a 'poem' instead.
I don't normally do that!
But I guess it's what needed to come out. Then I attempted to record it, another new thing! 
You can hear my spoken word here: 

Just trying new things and putting it out there for better or for worse!

It's an Attitude
It's the Lava within
It's the Heat and the Pressure and the Pain
It's what Pushes Pushes Pushes you
and what Spits you out
of the cliques and the clubs and the groups and the gangs
and leaves you out on that divinely desolate road
where you know Nothing really matters in the end
so you may as well live as LOUD and Raw and Wild as you can
because it's the only way you know how
You can make up your own Rules
and then break them if you want to
Just Dive into the Pit
and Crash thru it as Hard as you can
and then put the pieces back together again
in your very own way
and it doesn't have to make any sense to anyone
It's a wretched, sexy mess
It's Fucked!
and it's Beautiful
because that's the way you see it
It's Anger, Disillusionment and Betrayal
and it's Brave
It's Turmoil tied up with Hope
It's Frustration
It's Fear ripped wide open
It's Vulnerability
It's Turning out the open wound of your soul to let your inner Light bleed out
Then . . . Now . . . and Forever
It's what it means to be
Punk at Heart.

Art Show Opens This Thursday, Nov. 7th 
at Albina Press from 6pm-9pm 
and will be up thru Dec. 3rd

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  1. I just listened and read your poem on punk at heart and I have to say I friggin love it, live it feel it! I hung up those leather undies in the bathroom this morning! You rock girl, keep making rad shit!