Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A ribbon around a bomb

Frida as The Rogue

Acrylic on red leather stretched over wood panel, with upholstery tacks, bottle caps, feathers, silk flowers, gold bulls, vintage neck tie and wrecking yard bling.

I looked up the definition of a Rogue and found this:
"Operating outside normal or desirable controls" 
Yep that pretty much sums her up.

I think the reason that I have never painted Frida (besides the intimidation factor) is because her image is so iconic, and already done to perfection by her. I wasn't inspired to paint the classic image that can already be seen everywhere. I wanted to go a different route and paint the reason I admire her, and try to capture the bad-ass rebel she was in spite of all her pain and suffering. This was my first time painting a portrait on leather and I really like the way the texture lends a sense of grit and strength. This is not a tender or vulnerable depiction, this is the bitch who did it HER way!

“I was born a bitch. I was born a painter.” ― Frida Kahlo

My portrait of Frida is less about her eyebrows and more about her spirit and determination to live out her passions and pave her own road.

Maybe it was a bit too subtle, but I spent the whole evening (after the art opening) 
in a unibrow and mustache and NO ONE even batted an eye!
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