Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back on the Beer-Wagon!

8x8 panels for 88 Strong

Gettin' on the Goodfoot -ah!

Doors are opening and I'm stepping into worlds that only a few years ago I pined to be a part of. Lots of baby steps are leading me towards new connections that I am hungry to explore. I'm excited about new opportunities for making art, sharing art, showing art. I'm meeting new peeps and making new pals and I'm terrified and questioning my place in the Big Scheme of it all and wondering where I fit in and if I even belong. Can I hold my weight with the Big Boys (of PDX)? I don't feel ready yet. I'm still finding myself, testing waters, learning to crawl. Yet I find myself inching closer to things I've wanted for a very long time and it feels good . . . in fact I think I might throw up.

So this month, I have found my way into a show at The Goodfoot! It's BIG, 88 Artists big. We were given 8  8" x 8" panels to complete. There will be nearly 700 works of art on the walls! My art will be mixed in with the work of some of my heroes -a few of which I have been fortunate enough to meet recently! I am such an Art-Groupie! -These are my Rock Stars! So Psyched to be a part of this show. And don't feel worthy, especially since I only submitted 4 finished pieces!

There are 88 themes in this show and luckily one of them was 'Hops' 
-do you think they threw that in just for me?

Opens this Thurs Sept 27th from 5-12
The Goodfoot
2845 SE Stark
All Art is $50 cash and carry
everything is framed


  1. OoH! I would buy the sacred heart beer picture if I could!

  2. Ah Thanx! Glad you like it, I'll post it on Etsy if it doesn't sell at the show. Lots more Beer Art brewing! :-)

  3. Let me know if it goes on etsy because I want to snap it up! IT would be perfect for my boyfriend for Christmas - he loves all things mexican and beer!