Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hoochie Koo!

 Hoochie Koo!

Muertos Season is upon us!

Though it is time to welcome back and celebrate the lives of the dead, it feels too soon for me to celebrate my brother in this way. . . since we are still in the process of letting him go.

My own personal take on Dia de los Muertos is that it is less about grieving and more about facing our fears about death and showing off our acceptance of it: celebrating the cycle. When death tragically comes too soon, it is harder to reconcile.

I embrace the inevitability of my own eventual, unavoidable death by mocking its power over me. I like to make weird, wild and whacky Calaveras to show that skulls don't have to be morbid and ghoulish and fearful, they can be opulent, colorful and kooky! -Take that Death!

If you're headed to Last Thursday on Alberta, I hope you will visit Screaming Sky Gallery (Alberta & 14th) for the Opening of their Dia de los Muertos Group Show (I'm in it!).

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