Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Adjustment Period

I've tried getting up early. I've tried staying up late. But the fact remains that I am a mama to a 6 year old who is HOME FOR THE SUMMER! It's very hard to find a quality chunk of time to call my own. Maybe it's just too soon to think that I can make this work. I know it will get easier as he gets older, but I am getting OLDER too. . . and tired. . . and distracted. Life at this moment is all about play dates, bike rides, swimming lessons and library books. Our days are full but my soul is drained. I am questioning everything. What exactly are my priorities? My son needs me. My husband needs me. The dishes need me. But what do I need? My family is not an accident. It took a lot of hard work to build a relationship with my husband that was solid enough to bring a child into. Now that we are three, the work continues. It is the best kind of work since nothing else seems nearly as important as nurturing the relationships with the ones that we love. I'm proud of the life we have created. I am proud of the amazing person that my little boy is! It feels incredibly selfish to be fighting for time alone when I am so blessed to be home with him. HE is my priority.


  1. The best way to care for everyone else is to make sure you are cared for too. I know it's easier said than done. The summer months don't make it easy.

  2. Congratulations on continuing to engage in the process . . . and I love the logo . . .