Monday, May 4, 2009


OK, this is not a Tiki, it is a garden-bot, because we all need more Robots in the garden. . .don't we? I had a lot of fun making this and it cracks me up every time I look out my window and see it's big shiny head and goofy expression! I am currently exploring lots of different themes and ideas for what I want to make. It feels good to experiment, but I look forward to getting into a groove where I can really focus on one thing at a time and find a way to do it really well. Hopefully I will hit my stride soon!

Ready or not, I have booked myself into two Art Festivals coming up. Since this has always been a dream of mine and it is part of my business plan, I figured I'd better go for it and get my feet wet! The Alberta Art Hop is coming up on May 16th! -That's in less than 2 weeks -Yikes! My art-pal Julie has signed up also and will be selling her Ecoshikis in the booth next to BoneWerx. We are both excited and terrified! It will be a opportunity to get ourselves out there, meet some other artists and learn the ropes. I just hope I have something to show and sell by then! I have a little more time to prepare for the Vancouver Recycled Arts Festival in June. I am super-psyched about both of these venues, but signing up is only the first step (the easy part). Now the hard work must really begin!

I have put a call out to everyone I know to collect their tin can lids for me in hopes that I can get enough to make some nifty things with them. So if you have any laying around, please save them for me! It has proven to be more challenging than you would think to amass recycled materials to make art with! There is a lot of competition out there all scrambling to get the good junk for free. It's not easy anymore, it's big business now as any 'Scrapper' will tell you. Let me know if you have a good dumpster connection or juicy junk pile you can direct me to. I'm not afraid to get dirty! Just last week I took a lovely Spring stroll along the railroad tracks in the inner SE industrial area. It felt very nostalgic and brought back some of the thrill of my youth and those punk rock days. Only difference is that this time I am not cutting school and drinking Olde English, I'm a 42 yr old woman treasure hunting for rusty old pieces of garbage. I did find some nice pieces (see the mouth on the robot) - but I ran like a dork when the train started coming . . .will I ever be cool again?


  1. That robot is awesome.
    I know the feeling of trying to hit your stride. Right now all I want is a nap and I should be working.

  2. Very cool garden bot. You know who is the master of recycling? - Wolf - And he works at the rebuilding center....Network Network Network

  3. I have a little pile of stuff set aside for you!

  4. Great work, Alea! You are cool in my book (though that's coming from another 42 year old so what do I know?).